The Story Behind Review You

How It Started

Ariel Hyatt, Ariel PublicityAriel Hyatt of CYBER PR® (formerly Ariel Publicity) secretly launched Review You in 2004, as a response to multiple requests from musicians who just wanted 1 or 2 CD reviews to add to their press kits and websites.

These artists wanted to have reviews because club owners, festival coordinators and booking agents told them that they needed these reviews to get booked for live gigs.

One artist confided in her that he was passed over for a showcase slot at SXSW because he had no “press” on his press reviews page in his Sonicbids EPK ™. That’s a terrible reason to not make it to the biggest music festival in the United States.

She was outed and carped at by The New York Press as the creator of the service and the CD review requests continued to flood in… Not only from artists who wanted them but also from reviewers (bloggers and music journalists) who wanted to contribute.

The music business continues to radically shift since then and with over 2,000 CDs being released every week, it has been harder and harder for artists to get their music reviewed.

24 of the 25 largest newspapers are experiencing record declines in circulation. And some of the first jobs on the chopping blocks were the music editors who now serve as the arts, dance, and cultural editors if they have jobs at all…. What does that mean for you? It means that getting reviewed in the traditional newspapers is even more of a long shot than ever before.

Ariel is delighted to have teamed up with talented and insightful music writers and bloggers from all over the world to help provide the much-needed service to artists and bands wishing to add reviews to their press kits, websites and promotional materials.

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Meet the Editor

Tricia MartinTricia Martin
Review You Managing Editor

Tricia Martin composed her first song during the 1984 Presidential race, thus solidifying her two passions: politics and music. Growing up, her father taught vocal music and directed the church choir, exposing her to a wide variety of music and helping her develop a love for live performances.

After graduating from Simpson College (Iowa) with a B.A,. in Political Science, she headed to Washington, D.C., where she worked in the U.S. Senate for four years. She eventually found her way back to her native Iowa, and to music. An avid live music fan, she can often be found in the small venues in Des Moines, Iowa, taking in the cities diverse and growing music scene. Living in Iowa she is never far from a political event and still dabbles in local politics. She’s also back to writing songs with her first official songwriting credit occurring earlier this year when The Nadas recorded “Meant to Be” for their album, Lovejoy Revival.