Review: Antonio James, “Midnight Mirror”

Antonio James, “Midnight Mirror”

05 Dec, 2015 Matthew Forss


Antonio James is a talented down-tempo, R&B, and electronic wizard with producer and singer-songwriter credits from London.

“Midnight Mirror” begins with a few symphonic, electric washes unaccompanied by another instrument.  However, a blurby and trippy dance beat begins with the vocals.  The vocals contain a slight echo, as if they are a little distant.  The percussion is swishy and sauntering throughout. Mid-song, a piano-like sound accompanies the swishy percussion, electronic washes, and a few electric guitar-like notes, as the vocals wax and wane.  The blurby guitar sounds near the end of the song contain a down-tempo or lounge element that is somewhat related to R&B and dance constructions.  The end of the song displays more musical elements, but not to the point of frenzied disorder.  Antonio’s vocals remain rather consistent from a tonal and pitch perspective.

The three-minute-track is a great example of English trip-hop and down-tempo music with a nod to a contemporary R&B form.  Antonio’s echo-laden vocals add a level of mystery to the song, while keeping the beat.  The song is slightly akin to music of the 1980’s coming out of England. However, there are more contemporary elements here.  The spacious washes, rippling guitar work, and emotive vocals set the track apart from other songs in similar genres.  Overall, the song is part contemporary pop and dance amidst a trip-hop and down-tempo backbone.  The song possesses a delicate balance between electronic accompaniment and percussion with vocals that are used in just the right proportion to not be a distraction.  Fans of down-tempo, trip-hop, lounge, electronica, pop, dance, R&B, and simply good music will love Antonio James’ new song.  No missteps here.  Your ears (and feet) will thank you!

Review by Matthew Forss
Rating:  5 stars (out of 5)