Review: Boho Chapeau “Shadows of Another Time”

Boho Chapeau “Shadows of Another Time”

16 Feb, 2011 Melissa Nastasi

There is no better place for sunny indie rock to hail from than California. In that case, meet Boho Chapeau, a quartet of experienced musicians that are ready to get you in the groove. consisting of members Fred Hammon (Bass), Lee Ann Harris (Percussion), George Keller (Guitarist), and mastermind Kevin Quinn (Singer/Songwriter). Quinn has recorded songs in the past with Vince Gill, Robin Williams, Zac Efron, Betty White, and Kermit the Frog of all people…or puppets. This is very impressive, and upon finding this out, makes the listener want to dive into Shadows of Another Time.

Starting off the record is the catchy tune “Too Far Gone,” which is a great choice for an opener. With driving guitars and vocals that have a twinge of classic rock in them, this sets the tone for the whole album. Next up is “The Big Commotion,” a soft song as far as instruments go, including a slight steel pedal sound and prominent vocals. Quinn has a beautiful voice for indie rock, smooth and not forced. That is a true vocalist. “Who Took the Fire” takes Shadows of Another Time into a bit of a darker realm. The happy-go-lucky sound takes a serious turn with haunting guitars picking every note as chimes are heard throughout.

“Lullaby in Loveland” is reminiscent of a track that super producer and songwriter Jon Brion would create.  Brilliant guitar solos on an acoustic guitar combined once again with Quinn’s outstanding vocals really bring the piece to life. “Between Love and Anger” and “Pieces” are two of the most amazing songs on the album as they flow into each other nicely and compliment each other. “Pieces” especially stands out as Quinn’s vocals take a try at going a little higher in tone at certain parts, something that fits very well. “There’s a man on the moon, He’s afraid of the dark, Someone’s broken his heart in pieces,” he sings poetically.

“No Sign of Intelligent Life” brings a little alt-country vibe into this charming record, which is a pleasant surprise. “When We Found Love” starts with a driving guitar rhythm that is also very light in sound. Every note is emphasized as the song is filled with light harmonies. A visit to your repeat button will be needed for this near perfect song. “Desert Town” changes things up a bit as the drums are the force behind the music, and it is the first time they are really prominent on the album. Oddly enough, that isn’t a problem, as it works for Boho Chapeau. “I Had to Laugh” and “What’s on the Inside” are both catchy songs that sneak in towards the end of the record and make the listener want more. These songs could be played in a coffee house or at Madison Square Garden and they would come off as brilliant in both venues.

“Shadows of Another Time” the title track of the record is a romantic sounding song that puts a whole new soothing sound on the album. “Waiting for the Equinox” brings back the pure indie drive that started everything off. Yes, the sound may have changed as the tracks went along, but every song on this record fits. “Cry for Rain” and “Where You Are” end the record on a soothing note.

Shadows of Another Time is a timeless piece of work that will soon be an indie rock classic. Boho Chapeau have really put their hearts and souls into this album and it shows. To write songs with such beauty and intensity is an art form all on its own, and they’ve accomplished it perfectly. This is one band that you want to be on the lookout for in the coming year. They are definitely worth a listen, and then some.

Review by Melissa Nastasi
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)