Review: Canary, “Let Down Your Guard”

Canary, “Let Down Your Guard”

11 Oct, 2013 Alexa Spieler

The Boston, Massachusetts rock band, Canary strives for gritty, demanding sound with their latest single, “Let Down Your Guard.” Canary embodies American rock, with demonstrated British invasion influences. With an extensive foundation of experience that ranges from performing at House of Blues venues to captivating audiences at SXSW, Canary isn’t simply a newfound band, but is a band built off of musicality, rock-ability, and energy, especially on “Let Down Your Guard.”

Beginning with a driving percussion groove, the initial drumming showcases the energy Canary strives to represent. Simply from the introductory cymbal crash and the continuing driving drum set performance, the necessary action for listeners to nod their heads along surfaces. Soon joining the drum groove, that highlights jazz and rock influences, is a smooth, masterfully performed guitar strumming. The electric guitar that shortly joins the jamming percussive movement is at, its core, beautifully performed funk strumming. Embodying jam-band techniques, “Let Down Your Guard” is a track that doesn’t hint at slowing down. While the instrumentation consistently remains powerful and energetic, the vocalist’s presentation shines the single in a new light.

With strong instrumentation, some vocalists tend to be drowned out. However, the female vocals add the impeccable complimentary aspect to the strong instrumental performances. Its as if the two are battling one another, but instead of combating and overplaying, the instrumentals and vocals join together, only to produce sonic perfection. The funky guitar strumming never seems to overpower the energetic drums, as the the female vocals stand strong without drowning out the instrumentation. While the female vocals peak at a fading, yet screaming repetitive notion of “Let Down Your Guard,” the song completes with a final jam session, concluding with a brisk, smooth electric guitar strum. The amped-up, repeated guitar melodies never becomes a bore, and the drum fills drive forward and shape a danceable, rocking foundation, while the captivating, commanding vocals fill the song’s atmosphere with a new sense of energy.

Overall, “Let Down Your Guard” is a solid production from Canary. It’s a collection of funk, rock, and jazz influences that leaves listeners earning for more.


Review by: Alexa Spieler

Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)