Review: Ciph Boogie “Never Waste Your Time feat. Phil Geston”

Ciph Boogie “Never Waste Your Time feat. Phil Geston”

26 Apr, 2011 Jason Randall Smith

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Ciph Boogie approaches the microphone with a charismatic flow and a cool demeanor reminiscent of legends like Jay-Z and Tupac Shakur.  No stranger to the mix tape hustle, he has appeared on dozens over the past several years and released his debut album Black Mamba back in 2008.  With new material in hand once again, “Never Waste Your Time” is the first taste from Ciph’s Some Time In New York City E.P. Featuring a laid-back vibe that is sure to please partygoers, producer David E. Beats builds his track around ample portions of Dexter Wansel’s “Theme From The Planets,” a sample origin used and revered by many beat makers over the years.  Wansel’s spaced-out jazz guides the song down a chill path, the drum programming following its lead and adding emphasis where necessary.

Singer Phil Gaston guest stars as the hook man, his velvety smooth tone echoing the melody from Wansel’s tune.  Ciph lyrically glides over the beat with a confident tone.  Although he refers to himself as “the new Cornel West” within the second verse, he doesn’t take himself too seriously.  However, the grind to reach the top never stops, and throughout all three verses he makes it plain that the party vibe of the song doesn’t diminish his work ethic.  “You want it all, be it all,” he reminds all within earshot, getting his motivational coach on before he takes his leave.  When Ciph says “I’m going hard for the stars,” you believe him and it’s only a matter of time before his exposure increases exponentially.

So chill yet so determined, “Never Waste Your Time” is a club anthem for the work cubicle, a party anthem for paper chasers worldwide.   Ciph Boogie’s melodic flow makes him instantly listenable and certainly one to watch for in 2011.

Reviewed by Jason Randall Smith
Rating:  3 stars (out of 5)