Review: Earamas “Rise of the Chimera”

Earamas “Rise of the Chimera”

06 Sep, 2011 Rhonda Readence

Gary Wayne Clark is an author and musician who has completed two literary works of art collectively titled The Devolution Chronicles, which inspired Clark to write the album Rise of the Chimera. This album is a sequel to Passage to Niburu, also inspired by The Devolution Chronicles. The sci-fi coupling of the novels and the albums makes for an excellent journey into the world of Zacary Ryker, a bounty hunter who is tracking his nemesis and stumbles into a world where evolution runs backwards.

Glen Dale Spreen, an arranger, producer and conductor whose most notable musical accomplishments consist of arranging several hit songs for Elvis Presley, assists Clark in the production of this epic album. With ethereal soundscapes, ambient storytelling, pulsating electronica and theatrical drama, fans of sci-fi and exceptional music will be in unbridled bliss. Rise of the Chimera is a musical and literary work of art with a clean, clear sound that is second to none.

The album begins with “Behind the Curtain,” a narrative piece that includes Clark introducing himself and giving listeners a brief summary of the story contained within the album. This short narration is accompanied by wonderful orchestration and otherworldly sound effects that will send shivers down the spine. The sound quality is absolutely divine and includes a Native American influence coupled effortlessly with visions of deep space travel and boundaries without limit.

The opening track morphs smoothly into “Hindenburg Has Landed” and this tale has officially gotten underway. With dramatic orchestration that brings to mind many legendary movies and gives listeners a sense of adventure, this elegant instrumental piece has all the ingredients of a classic, chill-inducing work of art. “Devolution – Rise of the Chimera” contains robotic sounding spoken words, lamenting and reflecting. This track goes from solemn and dark to upbeat and rocking without a hitch and the guitar work positively screams. With smooth transitions throughout, vivid imagery and eloquently spoken word, this piece draws listeners into the story and makes it impossible to turn back.

Rise of the Chimera continues with the dramatic “Two Degrees of Separation,” another instrumental piece rife with theatrical sound effects and an electronic sound that defies description. This flows gracefully into “Just Breathe,” a slower instrumental number that contains beautiful piano playing, delicate guitar work and haunting Native American flute playing. Bordering on spiritual, this creative visionary work will soothe, calm and relax while lending itself to the imagination.

“Ryker’s Revenge” continues the storyline of Zacary Ryker, the bounty hunter, and the sci-fi ethos of this piece is brilliant. The narration is concise, clear and engages the listener in the trials and tribulations of the main character. “Game On” is an energetic and decisive composition that seems to gear one up for battle. While there are no words, listeners with a good imagination will envision Ryker suiting up and heading out to slay his enemies. Dramatic orchestration throughout brings a feeling of danger and excitement. “NELI’S Sweet Irish Dreams” comes as a surprise after the daring “Game On”. This piece is slow and carries a romantic essence that is unexpected after the theatrical preceding track. With beautiful composition and elegant instrumentation, this song is nearly a lullaby, complete with the sounds of falling rain and crashing thunder.

“Dark Walk” is an enchanting track with eerie drums and exceptional guitar playing. Each song on Rise of the Chimera is produced with a quality that is beyond perfect, but the sound is exceptionally clear during this one. The sound effects are simply stunning. “Solace” will soothe even the most tortured of souls with its graceful melody, uplifting harmonies and the relaxing sound of ocean waves. This is best listened to with closed eyes and an open mind. “Caissons of Courage” is the epitome of Earamas, complete with a dramatic flair and powerful orchestration. The sound of a gunshot and ejecting shell in the middle of the song gives this piece a theatrical boost that lends itself perfectly to the building crescendo and gentle conclusion of this work.

“Unsweet Surrender” has an underlying sadness to it that will tug at the heart. It is impossible to listen to this song and not let the mind wander wistfully to happier times. Listeners will be enthralled by the haunting beauty and graceful elegance of this classic masterpiece. “A Warrior Has Fallen” continues in this vein with funeral-esque organ playing leading it off. The song then becomes another brilliant example of high energy electronica with exquisite bass playing and intricate drum work. Funeral music coupled with a tribal essence and ethereal space-like sound effects seem like they would not go together, but Earamas makes it work wonderfully.

Rise of the Chimera continues its intense journey with “Taunting Memories” which is another Earamas special, complete with excellent composition, powerful melodies and perfect sound production. This leads the way to “We Are Invincible,” a fast-paced track with exceptional sound effects and a rhythm that begs to be danced to. One of the few tracks on the album with lyrics/spoken word, this one will make listeners feel that anything is possible and other worlds are just around the next corner. This piece would make excellent fodder for a video game due to its intensity and unrivaled sound. The album closes with “The Multiverse Beyond” which is a narrative wrapping up the tale of Zacary Ryker. At the conclusion of this piece, and the album Rise of the Chimera, listeners will likely sit in awed silence, contemplating everything that has been heard.

Gary Wayne Clark and Glen Dale Spreen are brilliant composers and undisputed geniuses behind the controls of a sound board. Rise of the Chimera is powerful, haunting, beautiful and unique. The sound quality is astounding and this is an album that can be listened to many times, each time yielding some new and previously undiscovered treasure.

Reviewed by Rhonda Readence
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)