Review: FallingIce “Meatsuit”

FallingIce “Meatsuit”

28 Apr, 2011 Alec Cunningham

With a fresh lineup in 2007 consisting of Vice, longtime guitarist and vocalist for the group, and new members Bem and Fab as bassist and drummer, Fallingice teamed up with UKDivision Records to begin working on a new record.  Eager to create, the trio entered the studio.  What arose from their recording was Meatsuit, the band’s first full-length album. In Meatsuit, Fallingice incorporates the heavy metal riffs of Godsmack with the grunge sounds of artists such as Nirvana and Puddle of Mudd, but adds a distinctive Italian twist to the mix to create a unique sound of their own.

Meatsuit kicks off with “Unclear,” a song with light guitar picking during each verse and heavier riffs during every chorus.  The song details a girl who is suffering through an emotionally unstable point in her life.  Fallingice does well to parallel the emotions communicated in their instruments with the emotions expressed within their lyrics.  In “Unclear” particularly, emotions of anger, sadness, and hope are all fully conveyed in both the musical arrangement and lyrical accompaniment.

In 2001, “Another Day,” the band’s most popular song before the debut of Meatsuit, won Coop for Music, a popular Italian music contest. Fallingice was awarded with 20,000 copies of the song to be sold in stores throughout Italy, as well as inside of Rockstar Magazine.  Vice contributes impressive guitar solos within both “Another Day” and other songs on Meatsuit, but each solo is interspersed enough throughout in a way that adds to the album and is not overbearing.  “Memories” is one of the slowest songs on the album.  Vice’s vocal harmonies against his own lead vocal create a very catchy, appealing aspect within the song.  This synchronization coupled with the slightly softer, slower melody of “Memories” conveys the somber feeling of the rainy days and memories described within the song.

“Too Bored To Die” is very similar to the work of Avenged Sevenfold.  While this is one of the heavier songs off of the album, Vice’s rough, edgy tone is still distinguishable, even when the lyrics are being screamed.  Although the trio’s raging riffs add head banging excitement to the album, many of the album’s angst-infused lyrics, such as those in “Too Bored To Die,” could use a bit of juicing up.  While the subject matter has great potential, the lyrics lack the strength needed to fully convey their message.

While the additions of drums, bass, and guitar have been very well constructed throughout the whole album, the lyrics can sometimes become lost in Vice’s thick Italian accent.  This is especially true on “Breathing Machine.”  The overall meaning of the song can be deciphered, but there are specific words that are difficult to make out.  After one or two contemplative listens, though, most of the song can be understood.  Unlike some of the more mainstream rock groups popular today, however, Fab’s fast drumming does not simply help to keep the beat within a song. His varying rhythms add to the album in a positive way, enhancing the depth and intensity that can be felt in compositions throughout Meatsuit.

The aggressive attitude that Fallingice has brought to Meatsuit has made for an overall rather enjoyable album, and their Italian background certainly makes them stand out in the rock music world.  The band’s musical style is spot on; Meatsuit is heavy enough for heavy metal fans, while still remaining light enough for rock and hard rock fans.  With Meatsuit, Fallingice has managed to sustain numerous melodies throughout their songs without diminishing the impact of their rough, metal edges, something that many heavy rock bands fail to create.

Review by Alec Cunningham
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)