Review: Karen Vallo, Somehow You’ll Know

Karen Vallo, Somehow You’ll Know

06 Nov, 2015 Andrea Guy

karenvalloKaren Vallo is a member of the New Jersey group, The Jellybeans. Somehow You’ll Know was a song that was going to be recorded by the band, but scheduling conflicts allowed Karen to record it as her own.

At eighteen, Karen has a voice that many singers years ahead of her wish they had. Her voice is full of sweetness and purity which gives a little bit of levity to a song that is about loss and not just about a boyfriend, this is a song that goes much deeper. It is more about the loss of someone that can’t be replaced rather than someone that will be forgotten with the next handsome face that turns the head.

The songs that we are used to hearing Karen sing with The Jellybeans have a pop edge. “Somehow You’ll Know” is another departure. This song could easily have been pulled from a Broadway show. It was written by Anthony Coviello, who is the primary songwriter for the band.

Lyrics like “Life will go on regardless of how I feel. I live day to day hoping time will help me heal. I was blessed to be given the life that I knew and I thank the Lord for each day I had with you” aren’t what you’d expect to hear coming out of the mouth of such a young girl, especially when you think of what the current crop of young singers are singing about.

This song is full of emotion and should appeal to anyone that needs a song about the loss of a loved one. It is a song that speaks to the heart of the listener.

“Somehow You’ll Know” may just be the beginning of a new chapter for Karen Vallo. Those people that have heard her singing with The Jellybeans already know that she can sing, this song will let the world know exactly how well.

Karen may be in college now, but I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from her soon.

Reviewer: Andrea Guy
5 stars out of 5