Review: Kathryn Berry, On The Edge of Infinity

Kathryn Berry, On The Edge of Infinity

30 Mar, 2016 Alec Cunningham


“One The Edge of Infinity” is the first single from Canadian finance-manager-turned-musician Kathryn Berry off her upcoming EP, set to be released later in 2016. Berry began writing the track in Canada as a songwriter’s challenge and finished the song all the way down in sunny Florida, where she met Australian musician Stephen Jacob, who helped her complete the track.

Berry has beautiful raspy undertones to her voice that give her music a strong resemblance that of Natalie Merchant or Jewel. They’re the type of vocals that couple incredibly well with an orchestra. And not only does this song include strings, but it includes brass instruments as well, really amplifying the energy and mood of the song. While that may seem like quite a few elements at work in a single piece, this track was made with her vocals in mind the entire time. The instrumentation is toned down and pushed to the side when necessary, allowing her vocals to take center stage and making every element come together quite nicely.

The track begins softly and builds as the song progresses, bursting with a little more liveliness at each subsequent chorus, and the strings add just the right amount psychedelic energy to the song’s sound.

While some could construe her lyrics to mean that she’s singing about drugs, this track is actually an ode to meditation and about coming into focus with a higher state of being. She describes being on this so-called edge of infinity, singing, “Alice in her wonderland, Lucy in the sky with her diamonds. Where dagger words are popsicles that twist into rainbows.”

Berry’s vocals are something to be experienced, and I’m sure they’re even more impressive live. There’s no doubt her new EP is going to go down in the books as a successful release.

Review by Alec Cunningham
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)