Review: Kevin Wilson, Thieves Among Us

Kevin Wilson, Thieves Among Us

18 Jun, 2013 Andrea Guy

Kevin Wilson is a one a prolific musician. On his twelve song album, Thieves Among Us he treats fans to his unique brand of acoustic rock. The songs on the record will appeal to fans of 70s rock, particularly Tom Petty and Neil Young.

Like many classic rock singers, Kevin doesn’t have a classically beautiful voice. At times it is smooth and other time gravelly, “Run Away” is one of those times when it is more gravelly, shades of the late Warren Zevon.

You can throw out a lot of 70s artists in comparison to Kevin’s music, either in his songwriting or his singing. Probably the strangest comparison that can be made from a song off Thieves Among Us is Barry Manillow.  All “Going To See You” needs is a piano and Barry would be knocking on his door asking for his song back. The song is that super catchy pop nature that is reflective in all songs Barry has ever done. If Barry wrote more guitar based music, well this song would be a fine example of what he’d write.

“All The Same” returns to an acoustic melody. This is a stripped down, guy and his guitar song. This song is really a showcase of Kevin’s talent, because it is really all him. The simplicity of the arrangement really brings out the emotions in the lyrics.

“Sometimes we’re blind to the world around us.  Except for the things that we want to see. Lovers and leavers, heartache and fun and all the deceivers. Can sometime just end up to be…All the same.”

The songs that really shine are those like “I Do It Anyway” that lean towards a more pop/adult contemporary type style. “I Do It Anyway” is a thoughtful song who claims he doesn’t love someone but as the title suggests, he does it anyway.

Kevin’s voice seems more suited to the acoustic melodies. The title track is a rocker, and his voice just doesn’t seem suited to that style of music, at least when it comes to singing. His guitar work, however is always spot on no matter what style of music he’s playing.

“Said It All” returns to a jangling guitar based melody. It is very much a power pop gem. The guitars stick with you and the chorus is the kind you find yourself singing long after the song is done playing.

The next three songs on the album all share a similar sound. They are darker, more thoughtful and introspective in their lyrics.

“Private War” is a dark rocker. The overall feel of this song speaks of the 90s Seattle grunge scene.

One of the more surprising songs is “Lonely.” Slow and moody, this is one of the more introspective tracks. The arrangement is simple and haunting. The song really stands out in an album that is full of stellar tracks.

“So Goes The Sun” is a more electric psychedelic song. Its darker tone and arrangement give it a more progressive rock feel.

Kevin steps out of the darkness on “Like Yesterday.”  Acoustic pop is really what Kevin does best vocally. This song is sure to be a favorite among his fans. I simple melody and lyric that tugs at the heartstrings.

“I don’t know what went wrong, like a love sick breakup song. I need to know if this will last for long. I’m here to make you stay. Like yesterday.”

The album ends with the rocking  “Before It Hits The Ground” which features Robb Vallier, who is also the album’s producer. The guitar riffs really stand out and though Kevin’s vocals aren’t always there best on this type of song, he really gets your attention here. There’s something angry in the music and a real electric energy to this track that spills over to the listener.

Thieves Among Us paints a good picture of a versatile artist. Those that are already fans will be thrilled with this album and those new to Kevin’s music will fall under his musical spell.

Review by Andrea Guy
Rating: 5 (out of 5)