Review: Kinesis 4, Satyagraha

Kinesis 4, Satyagraha

20 Apr, 2015 Matheson Kamin

kinesis4Kinesis 4 are a rock trio that hails from Southampton on the south coast of the UK. Made up of Opkar Hans: guitars, keyboards, lead vox; Satpal Hans: bass guitar, b/vox and Gregorio Merchan: drums, percussion, b/vox; Kinesis 4 creates a rock sound that incorporates several different influences including Blues, Prog Rock, and even Jam band Rock, plus other influences that help to shape the band’s music. Together, the band has created a release called Satyagraha.

Satyagraha from Kinesis 4 begins with the track “Come With Me”. The music of the track brings to mind bands like Counting Crows and other groups that have been around for a few years now. The light rock sound of the song feels as if it would have been right at home on FM radio during the late 90s/early 2000s. While the track does have a slightly dated feel to it, the song could easily still fit in with today’s Modern Rock radio formats.

The band picks up the pace of the music with a track that incorporates a harder rock sound. “All I Need” finds the trio creating a Modern Rock track. The song features solid guitar playing from Opkar Hans and lyrics that are rather infectious and easy to sing along with. The chorus of the song could easily become a “call and answer” part of the band’s live performance. While very different from “Come With Me” before it, “All I Need” also has the potential of tons of radio play.

The new release from Kinesis 4 continues with the song “The Word Is Out”. Like “Come With Me” before it, “The Word Is Out” brings out a lot of influences from the late 90s. The track features a very commercial sound in the music and the lyrics. The song once again has a sound that is very radio-friendly.

With the track “City Girl,” Kinesis 4 takes their music in a different direction. The track has a stronger rock feel to it as the band seems to have channeled bands from the late 80s that would have been part of the Power Rock radio formats that were around at that time. The music that the three musicians create in this track brings out the band’s ability to create really strong songs.

Just as the band creates one of the strongest Modern Rock tracks on the release, they change musical directions. On the track “Whiskey Lips,” Kinesis 4 brings out some of their older influences. The track brings to mind bands like Doobie Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and other bands that are now considered Classic Rock. Kinesis 4 does a great job on “Whiskey Lips” bringing out the Classic Rock sound. The song sounds as authentic as anything that would have come from the rock bands in the seventies. “Whiskey Lips” ends up being one of the strongest tracks on Satyagraha from Kinesis 4.

Kinesis 4 spends a lot of time on their new album creating songs that are very commercial sounding in nature. The track “Jingophile” finds the band moving from their commercial side into their more progressive side. “Jingophile” features a Rock sound that comes complete with keyboard effects that add a little psychedelic flavor to the music. The track features some of the best music on the release as the trio of Opkar Hans, Satpal Hans and Gregorio Merchan create a track that allows them to let a lot of their creativity out. The result of that creativity is one of the best tracks on Satyagraha.

With the track “Feel Alright,” Kinesis 4 creates a track that brings to mind something from the band Black Crowes. The track features an easy pace to the music. The slower pace to the song brings out the emotional feeling to the lyrics.

With their new album of Satyagraha, Kinesis 4 creates a release that draws from many different artists, genres of rock and roll and time periods. The multi-faceted feeling of the band’s music helps to create a release that should appeal to fans of rock and roll, no matter what their age.



Reviewer: Matheson Kamin
Rating: ***** (five stars)