Review: Loren Davidson, Of All the Rum Joints

Loren Davidson, Of All the Rum Joints

15 Jan, 2013 Matheson Kamin

Loren Davidson is a singer-songwriter that seems to have taken over from Jimmy Buffett in the Island Fun frame of mind when it comes to writing songs.  The music that Davidson writes has the same “relax and have fun” mindset that has made Buffett such a fan favorite for so many years.

The newest album from Loren Davidson, Of All the Rum Joints, takes into account Davidson’s role as a self-proclaimed “Escape Artist”.  “Escape Artist” is a reference to Davidson’s ability to transfer the listener to places far, far away that will make you forget about your worries…at least for a little while.  Each of the tracks on Of All the Rum Joints transports you to somewhere a lot more fun and relaxing.

Of All the Rum Joints begins with the track “Green Flash”.  The song about taking the time to enjoy the sunset has an easy soft rock feel to the music and makes you wish you were on the beach experiencing the sunset.

The newest release from Loren Davidson continues with the track “Somewhere Someday”. Picking up the tempo of the music and the fun feeling of the music quite a bit, “Somewhere Someday” is one track that truly does create a comparison to Jimmy Buffett, complete with steel drums in the background of the song.

With a feel that will remind you of the classic song “House of the Rising Sun,” “Voodoo Lounge” is a track that features a blues-y feel to the lyrics about a place that seems to be just as sketchy as the place described in “House of the Rising Sun”.  The creepy feel of the music at the end of the track and the xylophone solo during the song both add a lot of atmosphere and fun to this track.

On the song “Tropical Therapy,” Loren Davidson brings the listener back to a Jimmy Buffett frame of mind.  The new track by Davidson most definitely will remind you of Buffett’s “Margaritaville” in both music and lyrics as Davidson tries to free his mind from the worries of the day by taking in the hospitality of his bartender.  While the comparison with “Margaritaville” is almost impossible to ignore, Davidson does a good job of making the situation described in the lyrics his own.

While many of the songs on Of All the Rum Joints have a fun and lighthearted feel to the lyrics, Loren Davidson takes a few minutes to make a statement about today’s situation.  On “Pontiac Motel,” makes the listener stop and think about those who are unfortunate enough to have to sleep in the backseat of their cars.  While the subject matter is rather grim, the lyrics get the point across without bringing the listener down too much.  Davidson seems to have been able to reach the perfect balance in the message while not going overboard.

After a few minutes of somber lyrics on “Pontiac Motel,” Loren Davidson picks up the mood with the “title track” of the album, “Looking at You”.  In a song about reuniting with a former lover, “Looking at You” finds Davidson being able to say that the low point of being dumped was the best thing that could have happened to him as he is now in a much better place.  While the track “Pontiac Motel” was rather somber, “Looking at You” is a lot more upbeat and fun to listen to.  The song will make you smile as you listen to Davidson put his former lover in their place.

“Sunshine on My Shoulders,” one of the few cover songs on the release, finds new life on Loren Davidson’s Of All the Rum Joints.  Taking the John Denver song, Davidson adds a generous amount of Reggae feel to the track, adding a light, bouncy feel to the song.  Fans of the classic song and those about to discover the song for the first time will find much to enjoy in this new take on the modern-day classic.

Loren Davidson’s newest release comes to an end with a very “sober” track called “One More Rum”.  In a song that seems to combine the feeling of a Jimmy Buffett song with the Hank Williams Jr. classic “All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down),” Davidson finds himself needing to slow down before he gets too drunk to walk home.  The humor in the last track gives a fun ending to an album of songs that add up to a rather enjoyable listening experience.

Review by Matheson Kamin
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)