Review: Love Jupiter, Love Jupiter

Love Jupiter, Love Jupiter

14 Aug, 2013 Ross Barber

The debut self titled album from Brooklyn based Love Jupiter is part post punk, part prog rock, with influences that span decades.  Comprising of singers/guitarists M. “Chickie” Ciulla and Mark Goetz, bassist Matt Adamec, and drummer Bob DeRienzo, Love Jupiter has produced an album which bridges the gap between genres with effective results. Love Jupiter is an aural depiction of the troubled journey of a man, and the woman who loves him. Musically, the album is as ambitious as the intention, and works on many levels.

Love Jupiter draw influence from so many artists of different genres, but instead of imitating these artists, they have taken the elements that work best and have brought them to the surface. Concept albums generally don’t make for the easiest of listening as they can suffer from being overly complex at times, but the songwriting on Love Jupiter is strong and the tracks stand out in their own right as well as a whole.

Opening track “Everything Is All Right” kicks things off with a cathartic scream. Hints of Cursive and Fugazi can be heard here in what is one of the tracks that leans more towards the post-punk end of the spectrum. The tension builds and releases in all the right places, and the track feels dynamic and hard-hitting as a result.

“I Told You So” is a brooding, atmospheric number which harks back to grungier times; elements of Alice in Chains and Nick Cave can be heard at times and like “Everything Is All Right,” is very dynamic and a great balance between tension and release. Evidently Love Jupiter is a band that knows the importance of light and shade in songwriting and performance, and it certainly helps to put them a few steps ahead many of their counterparts.

“History” is one of the standout tracks on Love Jupiter; this is perhaps the track that best embodies what Love Jupiter is all about. The vocal delivery in the verses is part spoken and part sung, somewhat comparative to MeWithoutYou or La Dispute.

“Love Makes You Cry” changes the pace, and slows things down, showing a softer side of Love Jupiter. The second half of the album feels more progressive than the top half, with the tone changing slightly. “Snow Ghost” in particular sounds more experimental and progressive than many of the preceding tracks.

Throughout the album, there is a sense of uneasiness that broods; this works well with the album’s theme and helps to connect the tracks in a somewhat subliminal way. Standout tracks include the album opener “Everything Is All Right,” “History,” “Heat” and closing track, “Temptress.”

All in all, Love Jupiter is a strong debut that combines genres which would otherwise be completely separate and often enjoyed by different audiences. Love Jupiter merge the worlds of post punk and prog rock effectively into a compelling and enjoyable record. Successfully bridging the gaps between genres can be a challenge, but it’s one that Love Jupiter has certainly risen to.

Review By: Ross Barber
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)