Review: Matthew Neves “Everybody Dreams”

Matthew Neves “Everybody Dreams”

14 Mar, 2011 Alexa Spieler

With just his first solo album, Everybody Dreams, singer/songwriter/producer Matthew Neves has taken the Indie music scene by a storm.  Representing a musical mixture of John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and The Goo Goo Dolls, it’s no wonder why Neves is steadily gaining national attention, especially for his work on Everybody Dreams.

For starters, Everybody Dreams is a very diverse album, with Neves playing along to a mellowed out, heartfelt, passionate ballad one moment, and in full on swing with a bit of a ‘Maroon 5′ vibe to purely pop rock tracks the next.  Kicking off with “When Tomorrow Comes,” the electric guitar line sets the perfect tone right in the beginning of the track.  Neves’ vocals chime in along with drums, and before you know it you’re sitting in your seat bobbing your head to the beat of the song. The guitar line here is a surefire favorite, especially with the mini-solo around the 1-minute mark. Another guitar solo kicks in around three minutes in, and it’s just pure fun.

Taking a step away from the rocking out is “I Don’t Know What You Believe.”  It’s more of a laid back track, not exactly a ballad, but definitely more mellowed out.  Neves is belting out about a dear love with lyrics such as, “No other girl meant much to me, look in my eyes, what do you see?” The simplicity of the hi-hat is enough to add an extra jolt of energy, while claps join in and a vocal sing-a-long at the end will have listeners clapping and singing along easily.

Stand out tracks definitely include “Jenny’s Not Sleeping,” “Put On A Show,” and “She Said.” “Jenny’s Not Sleeping” is more on the mainstream, up-tempo, up-beat purely pop-rock side. Accompanied by a nice, grooving shuffle beat on the drums, the guitar is your classic pop-rock line on the upbeats, keeping time with the hi-hat for the majority of the verses. As the song progresses, everything becomes funkier.  “Put On A Show” may be what a modern day Elvis Presley would sound like.  It’s pop-rock, but with a funk edge, with the piercingly beautiful guitar solos and bright, bold drum beats and fills.

Through the progression of the album, Neves only further more proves his musicality and diversity. The album closes with a passionate ballad titled “She Said.”  It evokes a John Mayer’s “Daughter’s” type of vibe, a soulful ballad of concerned love with a unique piano arrangement and simple drums.  “And baby, baby I know you have a fragile heart, don’t be distant. I know you love me with all your heart. Don’t you know, I’m your best friend?” sings Neves, ultimately bringing the perfect finish to Everybody Dreams.

Everybody Dreams is jam-packed with originality, variety, and fresh musicality. Take a listen.  From start to finish, your ears will be thanking you.

Review by Alexa Spieler
Rating:  5 stars (out of 5)