Review: Miss Amy & Her Big Kids Band “Fitness Rock And Roll”

Miss Amy & Her Big Kids Band “Fitness Rock And Roll”

23 Nov, 2010 Andrea Guy

Getting kids fit is on the minds of almost every parent these days, and Miss Amy is helping to get kids moving with Fitness Rock And Roll. Children of the 80’s got fit with Mousercise on The Disney Channel, but Miss Amy takes things a little bit further than just exercising to stay fit.  She educates kids and parents about their bodies through fun, catchy music that makes everyone want to get up and move.  Miss Amy is a natural at getting people motivated to exercise.  She’s a twenty-year veteran of the fitness industry.  The songs on Fitness Rock And Roll are fun and infectious, yet not so childlike as to alienate the parents.

The album opens with “Rise and Shine Little Star,” a warm-up song to stretch to.  It is moderately paced and a cute song to get ready to move to.  After a few minutes of encouragement, everyone will want to “reach out for the stars” with Miss Amy.  The songs cross over several genres that inspire movement.  “Imagination Island” is a great reggae tune, and the most impressive song on Fitness Rock And Roll is “Magic Pony,” a 60’s-pop sounding tune that is good for more than just singing along with.

The songs do more than entertain; they get you thinking. “I Am An Athlete” tells the listener about several sports and what they entail.  “We’re Cooking” teaches the importance of eating properly, almost like a musical episode of Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” TV show.  It even explains why cutting onions makes you cry!  Amy’s music doesn’t preach or condescend either, which is why it appeals to audiences of any age.  “Do You Know Your Muscles?” is a quirky tune that will remind adult listeners of They Might Be Giants, if they were fronted by a woman.  The song teaches listeners about all the muscle groups in the body, with a funky beat.

“Egg Roll” sees Amy going for an R & B sound as she celebrates the White House’s Easter Egg Roll (she participated in the 2010 Egg Roll).  In fact, she has come up with a song for every season.  “Wish For Snow” extols the virtues of winter activities and will have the kids wishing for an active snow day.  “Down To The River” is a four-and-a-half -minute-long mini-workout song with lots of animals for the kids to act like while singing along.  She guides you through the motions with the lyrics. “Come and be a baby elephant.  Wading in the sunny water.  Put your arm out as your trunk and swing it.  Side to side, side to side and side to side.  Blow your horn!”

All of the songs on Fitness Rock And Roll are impossible to sit still through. They inspire movement, whether it is exercising or just dancing.  “Zing it!” has that jazzy big-band sound that will get grandma and grandpa up off the couch with the kids. The album closes with “The Zend” a cool-down track with a New Age sound.  It’s a slow track designed to get the heart rate down after aerobic activity.

Miss Amy’s Fitness Rock And Roll takes you through a workout from start to finish, with songs that inspire movement and learning.  There’s nothing boring about this CD, which is ideal when it comes to exercise.  Better yet, it is music that will leave the listener with a smile on their face.  Fitness Rock And Roll is something that the whole family can enjoy.  From start to finish, everyone will have a good time movin’ and groovin’ to the music.

Review by Andrea Guy
Rating:  4 stars (out of 5)