Review: Morning Fame “Open Your Eyes”

Morning Fame “Open Your Eyes”

12 Mar, 2012 Alexa Spieler

Originating from Toronto is the four-piece band, Morning Fame. The band has successfully managed to utilize all of their different cultures and life experiences to formulate their eclectic sound. Consisting of Vik Kapur on vocals, Joe Liranzo on guitar, and Alan Dennis on drums, Morning Fame is a force to be reckoned with. Their single, “Open Your Eyes” off of their album A Lasting Place, represents the epitome of what all soft-rock, lyrically driven, and passionately performed compositions should sound like.

Unlike other music Morning Fame has created, “Open Your Eyes” is of the slower type. Rather than focusing on a fast-tempo, forceful drums, and volume — “Open Your Eyes” successfully manages to showcase the talent all the members of Morning Fame possess. Liranzo’s guitar playing is quite exceptional, demonstrating his true creative abilities. Overall, “Open Your Eyes” is a beautiful composition and is collectively fantastically performed. Liranzo’s electrifying guitar playing comes off more as a ‘peaceful singing,’ rather than anything overpowering. His beautifully crafted guitar leads reflect the passion Morning Fame puts into their music. Kapur’s vocals add another layer to the music, and in doing so furthers the tranquil nature of the composition. On the drums, Dennis adds the right fills at the perfect moments, never letting the song drag. His perfect timing manages to add a driving-force behind the generally soft rock track. As the song heads into its coda, Liranzo emphasizes his smooth guitar playing, while vivaciously leading a solo. Kapur chimes right back in and sings beautifully, as expected. The musicianship contained by all three members of Morning Fame is overall something quite difficult to come across in today’s music world.

Overall, “Open Your Eyes” is a consistently smooth and calming song. Liranzo, Kapur, and Dennis all utilize their own individual talents to collectively create a magnificent sound. Any minor faults are simply overlooked, due to Morning Fame’s passion, delivery, musicianship, and talent. Whether it be Kapur’s simply astonishingly passionate vocals, Liranzo’s melodious guitar parts, or Dennis’ ability to place perfect fills, Morning Fame fully showcases their remarkable talents in “Open Your Eyes”.

Review By: Alexa Spieler
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)