Review: Noah James Hittner, “Elissa Said”

Noah James Hittner, “Elissa Said”

02 Jan, 2015 Matthew Forss

elissasaidNoah James Hittner’s latest single, “Elissa Said,” was inspired by three different phone conversations with his girlfriend over a year.  The Fountain City, Wisconsin-based singer/songwriter creates a lyrical foundation that revolves around human emotions and behaviors of keeping calm and staying positive when your world seems like it is falling apart or turning upside down.  Folk music is the foundation, but it incorporates some rock, alternative, and electronic properties that are imaginative and innovative.

“Elissa Said” opens with a few acoustic guitar chords with swishy percussion and Noah’s folksy vocals.  The chorus contains some bass, drums, guitars, and Noah’s vocals in a catchy combination of musical elements for an ear-candy experience.  The resonating guitar notes after the first two choruses add a blend of psych pop.  Mid-song, a piano melody adds to the mix in a folksy and bluesy manner with Noah’s vocals and some back-up vocals, too.  Post-chorus, a gritty and gurgling electric guitar sound precedes an electro-acoustic dance-like sound with laser-like qualities and handclap percussion.  At first, the sounds seem divergent, but they tend to blend together very well.  A few electronic beats at the end of the song signals a dance element that is unexpected, but very satisfying.  The vocals stay relatively the same and the music is not too loud or showy.

Noah’s new single inspired by text messages is surprisingly spirited, catchy, and cathartic.  The glittering guitar sounds, light dance music at the end of the song, and great vocals throughout, attest to great songwriting and performance credits.  Though, some may detest the folk music intro that bleeds into a sort of dance music medley.  Nevertheless, Noah knows how to bring all the musical elements together with creating tension or divergent musical styles in the same song. Fans of folk, electro-acoustic, pop, and alternative genres will love it.

Review by Matthew Forss
Rating:  5 stars (out of 5)