Review: Osaru “Home With The Keys”

Osaru “Home With The Keys”

04 Dec, 2009 Andrea Guy

Most people who think of smooth jazz these days are going to think of Kenny G. Well, now they a new name to think of, and that’s Osaru, who has created a magnificent album of smooth jazz that will chill you out on the hottest of days and take you below zero when the temperatures are cool.


Home With The Keys is Osaru’s second album and its aptly titled too. Listen to the solo sax on these tracks. Those beautiful sounds are made with the keyboards, a breath controller and a wind controller. That’s impressive to say the least.


The songs have a very low tempo, lets take it to the bedroom type of vibe. Each track seems to speak to you in an intimate manner. I call this album an instrumental album, but there are vocals, but when the tracks use the voice its more as an instrument creating a unique sound then it is singing to a lyric particularly in songs like Pretty Lady one of the more mid-tempo tracks,  where those vocals give the song an almost tribal sound and yet later the same song closes the album with a totally different feel to it with the Slow Jam Version, which gives the song more of a romantic, turn the lights down low and snuggle closer feel.


Home is probably the track that moves me the most.  There’s something about the groove that gets the hips swaying. Its one of the lower tracks but the music really compels the body to move. Its like the music reaches out and asks you to dance and you have no choice but to accept. How could you resist? The sax solos give new meaning to the word sexy. The sax grooves on in Downtown which can best be described as a Saturday night song. I love songs that create an image in my head, and this album is full of them. When I listen to Downtown, I can see Pittsburgh on a rainy Saturday night with people hustling about to get to the theaters, clubs and bars. A song that can make you visualize, especially one without lyrics, is something spectacular. The music is telling its story and that’s a hard thing to do. Kudos to Osaru for filling an album with songs like that, as well as songs that make your body want to move.


So slip Home With The Keys into your CD player, grab a glass of wine, or better yet, a whole bottle, turn on the music, close your eyes and relax and let the music take you wherever it leads you. Osaru’s latest album is the perfect way to chill out after a long day or any day for that matter.  Home With The Keys is an album that fans of smooth jazz will be thrilled to add to their collections. Osaru has brought something special to his listeners ears and all we can do is say thank you for the beautiful music, which we’ll be playing for years to come.

Reviewed By Andrea Guy