Review: PerkXsoundlabs “Rapidamente”

PerkXsoundlabs “Rapidamente”

26 Sep, 2012 Matthew Forss

Arizona-native, PerkXsoundlabs (a.k.a. Paul Rolan Perkes), releases a follow-up album of electronic music with all the spacey embellishments and noises the genre has to offer.  The music style is specifically called chiptune music, which incorporates synthesized sound bites usually reserved for video game consoles, arcade machines, and old computers.  However, PerkXsoundlabs incorporates an exciting set of instrumental songs with a dance pulse for futuristic voyages or casual listening.

“Serengeti Sunrise” opens with an array of bird sounds and an up-tempo bass-like tune with sparkling electronic embellishments and noises resembling various animals.  The beat is relatively brisk with synthesized laser sounds cascading with shimmering doses of aural color. The frenetic, metallic percussion and swishy sounds incorporate slightly morphed synth sounds in a Tangerine Dream format seemingly right out of Dream Mixes.  The music is inherently a dance tune that is not heavy on percussion, but the electronic pulse sets the tone and directs the rhythm throughout.  The song ends with birds sounds.

“Opus Zero” begins with a solo pensive piano that incorporates whirring electronic sounds and an ambulating percussion set.  The new age piano fits perfectly into the mix of drum-kit percussion and electronic strings.  The symphonic and orchestrated string arrangements are entirely electronic, which accompanies the faster dance moments.  Still, the percussion is not overly-produced.  The manner in which the string sounds and piano melody progress, indicates a Western European tune that is unique and fresh.  The song ends with low piano keys that morph into higher, metallic tones without additional accompaniment.

“Regret” opens with a sonic display of crisp electronic sounds and a bubbling, energetic dance tune with streaks of metallic sounds.  The electronic display is permeated with booming drums and majestic showers of synth sound.  The cascade of sounds are powerful and triumphant, as the somewhat Tangerine Dream-inspired song captures the essence of 1980s new age electronica with a good portion of dance elements.  The song is upbeat and does not contain piano accompaniment.

“Budapest Morning” opens with city sounds and a voice proclaiming the song’s title.  The urban sounds fade, as a dance melody begins.  The trip hop-like beat is metallic, swishy, and tinny.  The percussion beat is permeated with electronic adornments that are laser-like and synth-driven. The only vocals restate the song’s title at two different points in the song.  However, the song is mostly instrumental and the few vocals do not detract from the musical impact of the song.

“Rapidamente” begins with blurby sounds and laser-like embellishments with an upbeat dance tone and sporadic vocals, mostly restating the song’s title.  The triumphant swishy sounds and synth-driven medley is heroic, urban, and dance-friendly.  The overall sound is full and frenetic, but in a good way.  The immense sound and sporadic quieter moments allow the song to shine with a seemingly-bombastic array of sound.  The song is mostly void of ethnic influences, but a faint, urban Latin sound is detected throughout.

PerkXsoundlabs creates sonic displays of synth-driven music with additional beats and aural textures.  The result is a spacey journey into the unknown and beyond.  The music is not especially dance-driven or urban, but various elements connote similar genres throughout the album.  The lack of vocals for the most part is not deleterious.  The instrumental music is the real winner.  The energetic songs and sonic sounds with symphonic beats and orchestrated string and horn sounds are magical, space-driven, and intergalactic.  Nothing is left undiscovered on this album. Fans of Tangerine Dream’s work from the 1980s and 90s will love it.  PerkXsoundlabs produce another splendid musical release from a galaxy close to home.

Review by Matthew Forss
Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)