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Morning Fame “Time”

14 Jul, 2011 Alexa Spieler

Bands who present both a sense of originality and musicality are difficult to come by nowadays. Yet, a band like Morning Fame reminds us all that true musicianship, passion and heart in the music industry is not dead yet. Despite people who may attempt to contradict that, Morning Fame will forever prove them otherwise. The four members that make up Morning Fame are Alan Dennis (drums), Donald Colaco (bass), Vik Kapur (vocals), and Joe Liranzo (guitar). Morning Fame recently finished recording their debut EP, A Lasting Place, which is set to release on the radio soon.

On a deeper level, in their song, “Time,” Morning Fame’s singer Vik Kapur reflects upon the notion that his life may have possibly gone by without him reaching his full potential. The lyrics allow for the listener to get a glance inside of the singer’s mind as the he comes down to this scary conclusion. Lyrics such as “It’s hard enough to breathe | when time’s got a hold on me” provide the listener with a true look inside the singer’s thoughts.

The special aspect of Morning Fame is their ability to turn something simple into something beautiful and majestic. Dennis’ drum fills make the song come alive in a matter of seconds and Colaco’s bass playing drives the song full force. Even though this rock song is more laid back than normal, it’s still a beautiful composition. Kapur’s vocals are smooth and calming which fit perfectly with the mellow vibe of “Time”. For the majority of the song, Liranzo’s guitar has been muffled in the background with a steady, relaxed feel. Yet, all of this only built up to Liranzo’s guitar solo midway through. The solo is nothing too overpowering, but instead it shows that he is a master of his craft. His playing, especially during the solo, works really well for what Morning Fame is striving for musically and stylistically.

Ultimately, there is no denying whatsoever that Morning Fame is a talented band. Every individual is a master of their own craft and together they provide quality, passionate material. As far as one can see, there is no stopping Morning Fame.

Review by:  Alexa Spieler
Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5)

Morning Fame “Stranger”

14 Jul, 2011 Alexa Spieler

Morning Fame is a Toronto-based rock quartet, with a sound that is a mix between Third Eye Blind and Switchfoot, but with their own Morning Fame touch. The four members that make up Morning Fame are Alan Dennis (drums), Donald Colaco (bass), Vik Kapur (vocals), and Joe Liranzo (guitar). Morning Fame recently finished recording their debut EP, A Lasting Place, which is set to release on the radio soon.  There is no stopping Morning Fame, especially with the new songs they have under their sleeve.

One of their deeper tracks is a song titled “Stranger”. “Stranger” is based off of the notion of people using religion in order to actually make sense of their lives and existence as opposed to those people who understand that there may be no deeper meaning to life. The song has a modern rock type of feel with lyrics that are thought-provoking and inspirational, especially with lines such as “I know hope’s a weapon | I know hope can set me free.”

Liranzo’s guitar work catalyzes the track, but it is soon met by the beginning of Dennis’ drumming. His playing is heavy and grooving, never missing a beat. His fills and cymbal hits are perfectly placed and his electrifying drumming is what makes “Stranger” the powerful, passionate rock track that it is. The drums kick the tune into high gear when it is necessary and keeps things interesting with a variety in fills and cymbal hits. Kapur’s vocals aren’t anything too overpowering, as the track is laid back. Nevertheless, he sings with absolute passion and provides the soothing, yet passionate vocals that are necessary for the rock song. Colaco’s bass work and Liranzo’s guitar work combine to be highly effective. Even though their parts are relaxed, they can be driving at times and are essential for what Morning Fame is hoping for stylistically. One of the best parts’ of the entire song is Liranzo’s guitar solo. The guitar solo proves to be highly effective and is extremely entertaining.

“Stranger” is a very strong track and describes Morning Fame’s style perfectly. It is powerful, passionate and beautiful. You won’t find as much passion in any other band than you do with Morning Fame. No listener will regret listening to “Stranger.” As a matter of fact, no listener will regret listening to Morning Fame.

Review by:  Alexa Spieler
Rating:  5 stars (out of 5)

Morning Fame “Something On My Mind”

14 Jul, 2011 Alexa Spieler

In this day and age where the top artists are products of what record labels have transformed them into, it is always refreshing to hear a band that is doing their own thing and is doing it well. Morning Fame is a prime example of a band doing just that. Morning Fame is a Toronto-based rock quartet. The four members that make up Morning Fame are Alan Dennis (drums), Donald Colaco (bass), Vik Kapur (vocals), and Joe Liranzo (guitar). Morning Fame recently finished recording their debut EP, A Lasting Place, which is set to release on the radio soon.In their song “Something On My Mind”, Morning Fame opens up about struggling. The track is based on one who is suffering from mental illness and they have to rely on a special person to help guide them through it. The person struggling with the mental illness is clearly in a dark place, but this other special person presents them with a light at the end of the tunnel. Lyrics such as “Don’t go out today | I can’t feel what I say | You’ll just say to me we’re gonna find a way” provide both the listener and the subject of the song with a sense of hope.

Each and every member contributes to making “Something On My Mind” as special as it is. It is moderately fast tempo wise and laid-back. The song definitely has a modern rock influence with even more heart and passion than one could even imagine. Liranzo’s guitar leads are as catchy as ever, Kapur sings with gracefulness and elegance, as Dennis hammers away on the drums. Dennis once again provides the perfect strong and energetic fills and Colaco plays away on the bass, providing the perfect backbone. There is nothing too overpowering with the track, but it is still played with absolute passion. The combination of Kapur’s vocals and Dennis’ drumming is of extreme importance as they both perform with an extreme sense of passion. Liranzo’s guitar leads are demanding and driving, making sure his dynamic leads stand out. Overall, all of Morning Fame individually brings something to the table. Once they are all put together, there is no other that could even dream of living up to their standards.

Review By: Alexa Spieler
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

Morning Fame “Long Time Waiting”

14 Jul, 2011 Alexa Spieler

Morning Fame is a Toronto-based rock band and consists of four members. The members that make up Morning Fame are Alan Dennis (drums), Donald Colaco (bass), Vik Kapur (vocals), Joe Liranzo (guitar). Morning Fame recently finished recording their debut EP, A Lasting Place, which is set to release on the radio shortly. They are true modern day rockers, but are unique as well. One moment they could be rocking out with a heavy guitar solo and the next they could be slowing it down with a ballad. Nevertheless, Morning Fame is essential for bringing back what rock music is all about.

One of their latest songs’, “Long Time Waiting” is more of the romantic, affectionate type. It is simply a love song about waiting for love and eventually finding that love. Even though the track is still dynamic, compared to their other songs it is more laid-back and relaxed. The lyrics are meaningful and intriguing, as this person has clearly been waiting a long time for a love like this. Lyrics like, You don’t know what it feels like to fade away | That was my life without you until today” exemplifies just that.

The track starts off as a ballad would, but it doesn’t stay that way for all too long. Although in the beginning Liranzo’s guitar playing is relaxed and soothing, Dennis’ drumming is heavier than your typical ballad.  It soon builds up into a louder, modern rock jam and Dennis’ staggering drum fills allow for the energy of the song to carry through until the end.  Liranzo’s guitar solo is electrifying and grooves perfectly along with the song’s vibe and it ultimately demonstrates how talented of a guitar player he truly is. Between Liranzo’s mastery at the guitar, Dennis’ eclectic drumming, Colaco’s perfect bass playing, and Kapur’s soulful and passionate vocals, there is no stopping Morning Fame.

“Long Time Waiting” is once again another track that further proves why Morning Fame is the best at what they do. Morning Fame plays and performs with true heart and devotion and that’s what makes them the best at what they do. They are masters at their craft and are passionate, what more could you ask for out of a band?

Review by:  Alexa Spieler
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

Lana Grant “Non-Fiction”

04 May, 2011 Alexa Spieler

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, singer/songwriter Lana Grant is ready to take the next step in her music career with the release of her fourth album, Non-Fiction. Grant is best known for her uniquely creative brand of contemporary pop music, which she again successfully delivers throughout the course of the inspirational and beautiful Non-Fiction.  Contrary to popular belief, pop music can still have sentimental meaning.  Non-Fiction simply tells a journey through life, shaped by Grant’s goal to inspire and connect with others while motivating positive changes through her music and writing.

One of the most meaningful and heartfelt tracks here is “Time,” which describes one of Grant’s fan’s battles with breast cancer.  A simple acoustic guitar accompanies Grant’s vocals, and there’s something in her voice that creates a genuine connection with the listener and the subject matter.  Lyrics like “Please just give me some time for the moments I took for granted before. Please just give me sometime to live some more” are an example of the unvarnished truth of the matter that hits close to home with so many listeners.

This graceful strength continues on “Dash,” written as a tribute to a Halifax Police Special Constable who had passed away in a car accident in 2008. A simple drum beat and melodic acoustic guitar accompany Grant in her story-telling and passionate singing, with gorgeous harmonies vocals adding texture. The vocal climax near the end is a memorable moment. “Dash” also features a minor guitar solo, which proves to be an excellent arrangement choice.  The interaction of the guitar and Grant’s vocals hit the ideal emotional note for this song.  “Cheated” then allows for Grant to branch out and show off her chops with a funky, jazz-influenced arrangement.  It still maintains the contemporary pop basis, but the electric guitar line that kicks off the track really sets the funk tone from the get go.  The song remains relaxed and laid back throughout, but maintains the feel-good vibe.

“Aftermath” is a duet featuring Dave Carroll, with a soft rock and country lilt. The track is formed around the acoustic guitar’s melodies and Carroll’s and Grant’s voices. Carroll’s is calming and soothing, whereas Grant leans toward passion and volume. Thanks to the contrast, the two seem to work together.  Story-wise, there’s a sense of despair in a relationship, suggesting a couple that is facing some tough challenges. The vocals definitely carry this piece.  ”Black Hole” concludes the album, but Grant takes on a whole new light here, giving an angrier, more furious sound. The instrumentation is more complex, and the electric guitar and heavy drums are a welcome addition.  It’s quite refreshing to see the inner-soul and rocker within her. There’s some angst and anger built up inside, and it’s let out on “Black Hole.”  Although it does not show off her vocal skills as well as many other tracks do, it proves that she’s got some kick in her.

Prepare for Lana Grant to become a household name.  Why she isn’t already is a mystery. To find an artist who can mix so many genres so well is a real rarity.   Lana Grant is pure talent, and by end of Non-Fiction, you will agree.

Review by Alexa Spieler
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)