Review: Temet Nosce “Create Your Own Life”

Temet Nosce “Create Your Own Life”

29 Mar, 2012 Matt Warnock

Leading in with a soft piano and vocal duo, “Create Your Own Life” by the Norwegian rock band Temet Nosce is a powerful rock track that blends elements of both the classic power-ballad and more modern rock-anthem genres.  With well-written lyrics creating a storyline that engages the listener right from the opening lines, the music is written and performed in a way that builds energy throughout the track, highlighting the words and vocal line in a way that brings attention to the right words at the right time, while never getting in the way of the melody at any point on the track.

One of the most interesting aspects of “Create Your Own Life” is the vocal melody-line, which is familiar in one sense, drawing inspiration from other classic tracks in the genre, while injecting some very interesting and engaging note choices from time to time that go a long way in making the song personalized, as well as keeping the audience guessing as to where the melody will go next.  Far too many modern rock bands fall back on safe and tested formulas when writing a power ballad such as this, but Temet Nosce isn’t afraid to take chances, adding excitement to a genre that can sometimes be predictable and monotonous.

In the rock-ballad tradition, the song also features an energetic guitar solo that enters during the final minute of the track.  While the solo is well put together, it does sound a bit out of place at that point in the track.  Perhaps it is because the guitar line begins with a flurry of notes, before settling in on a more melodic phrase, whereas most guitar solos in the rock ballad genre will begin with slower, more melodic phrases and build up to a powerful climax.  This moment will appeal to some listeners while others may not “get it,” but in the end it will be up to the listener’s tastes as to how effective the solo is in this context.

Overall, “Create Your Own Life” is a well-written modern-rock ballad that is not only based on the traditional aspects of the genre, but one that also takes chances along the way that lift it into the realm of personalized interpretation by the band.

Reviewed by Matthew Warnock
Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5)