What Our Customers Say...

“At first I was afraid that using Review You was cheating, but with a brand new record, I really wanted to have at least 1 review to get myself going… The review I received was well written. The reviewer took the time to listen to my record – not just pull information from my bio and fact sheet. There are many quotes from the review that I can use on my website and press kit. The reviewer included comparisons to better-known artists that will help people who haven’t heard my music get an idea of what I’m about. I consider this invaluable.”

“The feedback and insight received from the reviews was priceless. Reviews are often the hardest component to complete a press kit…. Review You guaranteed that we would be able to complete our press kit in a timely fashion. The reviews were written by articulate, knowledgeable writers who have a good sense of the past, present and future trends in the music industry. We recommend it to anyone wanting assured results.”

» Christine McGlone, GraceNote Management

“Review You is a needed service for artists who want solid feedback from professional music writers.”

» Derek Sivers, CDBaby

“I tried for months to get my CD reviewed. I read everything I could find on the subject and used their suggestions to the letter. After 20 mailings I received one review back – about three months later! There’s so many of us out there that it’s become increasingly harder to get our material reviewed. Thank God for Review You!! The review I received from their writer was fantastic and gave me a lot to think about – and it was done in two weeks! This is a service that I will use over & over again.”

“My review was thorough and comprehensive, if you like constructive criticism and want to get some exposure, this service truly delivers! The staff and writers love what they are doing, and they are very personable!”

» Marissa

“Review You is a great service for independent bands and musicians providing professional unbiased reviews of their music with Internet exposure. Their experienced staff of diversified writers seem to love what they do. Definitely recommended.”

“Review You has been very easy to work with, and has provided an effective way to prime my publicity pump with bona fide, in-depth, critical reviews of my work.”

“It was wonderful to have the opportunity to be reviewed by someone who was knowledgeable about the kind of music I perform [jazz]. And the timing was perfect…just when I needed to add a new review to my press kit.”

“I’m impressed with how you picked up on what my producer and I were striving to do…Your review was very professional and well thought out. It has become an important part of my overall music resume, and a valuable promotion tool for my album.”

“Wildy’s review of my CD was thoughtful, insightful and opinionated with a kind honesty I didn’t expect. Wildy has an excellent grasp of the genre (Classic Rock).”

“I was amazed at the lightning fast turn around! I barely had time to blink before the review was in my inbox! I really appreciate the existence of Review You for independent, do-it-yourselfers like me for getting an expert opinion about my music in a timely fashion from someone who obviously cares about music.”

“Thanks to Review You, we got more feedback in a shorter time than we would have otherwise. Writers and staff are professional, and top notch. We’d recommend this service to any artist seeking more feedback and exposure.”

“If you’re looking for an in-depth review of your work that is not only insightful about the genre, but grasps the essence of your artistic intentions, then Review You is a necessary resource equipped with keen music professionals ready to lend their ears. Music reviewer Jason Randall Smith could put into words what I could only express through music.”

“Review You provides musicians with one of the most important and hardest to achieve goals: a professional outside opinion. The feedback I got on our album was very helpful and even helped me to better understand my own music.”

“Provides independent musicians with honest, constructive and fast feedback on their music. The review Lyra the Harp received for its CD “Collideoscope” provided a thought provoking analysis and I’m confident will be extremely instrumental to the band in the future projects. Thanks for offering such a wonderful service.”