Review: The fundaMentals, “Locked and Loaded”

The fundaMentals, “Locked and Loaded”

31 Dec, 2014 Justin Kreitzer

fundementalsA quick Google search shows that there are many bands on the scene with the name “The Fundamentals” but hailing from Port Charlotte, FL the fundaMentals are a veteran five piece band that puts the fun back in rock and roll and are doing it with their own unique style that defies the more commonplace band name.  Formed in 2008 by lead vocalist and guitarist The Icon and lead guitarist Danger Dan Goodnight and rounded out by bassist Sir Chas House, keyboardist Big Hoss and drummer John “The Hammer” Marnie, the band has lit up the night life in the Florida area with their age-defying energy and rowdy live shows.

Their latest single, “Locked and Loaded”, showcases their retro-inspired brand of brash, no-holds-barred, good times rock and roll sound that is reminiscent of hard rock legends such as AC/DC, Motorhead and Kiss.  The new single – available now at the band’s CD Baby store – opens with a grimy, punk-fuelled garage rock riff that is offset by some sick slide guitar-assisted leads and is built upon a propulsive rhythm that crunches under your foot like an old tin can.  The infectious, call-and-response chorus will have you singing along instantly and is sure to be a live favorite.  Additionally, the soaring background vocals of Big Hoss and The Hammer perfectly contrast with the gruff, Lemmy-esque vocal style of The Icon.

A more cynical music fan might look at The fundaMentals with their gimmicky costumes and goofy nicknames and write them off immediately.  But upon further review, the band reveals themselves to be pretty good musicians with an unpretentious sense of style and quite the knack for a catchy melody.  So next time you are in Florida be sure to seek out one of their famous live shows but in the meantime pickup this single and rock out!

Review by: Justin Kreitzer
Rating: 3 out 5 stars