Review: The Jellybeans, Look At Us Now

The Jellybeans, Look At Us Now

05 Sep, 2013 Andrea Guy

The Jellybeans return with their third album, Look At Us Now These ten girls never cease to wow the listener.  The Jellybeans play the kind of music that most parents would prefer their pre-teen kids to listen to. The songs that are performed have a kind of innocence that you don’t find much in today’s music scene, not even by the Disney crowd.

This six song album is bound to please anyone fortunate enough to find it. Just as with their previous recordings, the girls vocals are pitch perfect. Anthony Coviello, who plays keyboards for the girls, has also written some wonderful new songs that take The Jellybeans to a new level. The songs still retain that youthful innocence, but they have some more maturity.

The title track was released as a single last autumn and was dedicated to the Our Lady Of Mercy Class of 2008, Our Lady Of Mercy is the school that the girls once attended. The song is uplifting and has a very retro sound, think of the girl bands of the 1960s.  The song is one of growth, growing up in particular and friendship.  This is probably the most youthful song on the album, focusing on friends reaching a turning point in their lives.

“This Place I Go” stays with that girl band retro sound. This is a more mature sounding ballad that’s melody is a bit reminiscent of the Beatles “And I Love Her.”  The song is soft and sweet.  Everything about this song is relaxing and soothing. This song will take any listener to “That Place” where the bad things in life don’t exist anymore.

The song “Forever Alone” is a song that will speak to many of the pre-teens. A darker melody with lyrics that speak of the frustration of pre-teen girls that long to have boyfriend, but can’t because they aren’t old enough, and crushes that don’t call.

“How Will I Know When It Is Love?” is the question that most young girls find themselves asking someone, during that time of firsts…crushes, boyfriends and kisses. Everyone asks that question, Whitney Houston did with “How Will I Know” back in the 80s. And both songs, have a similar innocence to them.

“If He Only Knew” really shines brighter than all the other songs on Look At Us Now.  Once again, the girls go for the 60s girl band sound, but on this track, they really rock out. It has a rollicking melody and it is super catchy.

The album closes with “How Do I Walk Away Now?” a song dedicated to the Our Lady Of Mercy class of 2012.  It is probably the most grown up song on the album. One look at the title and you know it is a break up song.

Look At Us Now is the perfect title for the new Jellybeans album. It is an album that shows that these girls are growing up and ready to take on the world. The six songs on this album still have the signature harmonies but the girls are now singing about grownup stuff, or teenage stuff, like crushes and boys.

The music is perfect for young and old alike. What sets these girls apart, is that for the size of their group, they don’t sound like a choir, they are really a unit. Their voices blend beautifully together. The girl group sound that the girls do so well is perfectly suited for the songs Anthony Coviello writes. That time period was still innocent, and most of the girl groups conveyed that in their performances, and The Jellybeans are no different.

Look At Us Now is an album that everyone should give a listen to, so you can be wowed by the voices of these ten young women from New Jersey.

Review by Andrea Guy
Rating: 5 out of 5