Review: The Jellybeans, Look At Us Now

The Jellybeans, Look At Us Now

20 Sep, 2013 Alexa Spieler

Returning with their third release entitled Look At Us Now is the young group of girls The Jellybeans. Collectively, the members of The Jellybeans recorded their third release when they were eighth graders at Our Lady of Mercy Academy. Following the group’s motif of themes featured throughout their previous releases, Look At Us Now illuminates a theme of conclusions, but also beginnings. Picking up where their prior release ended, Look At Us Now highlights The Jellybeans’ journey from middle school conclusions to bright futures, together, in high school. In a more mature, thought-provoking album, The Jellybeans employ a sense of growth with an audible, admirable innocence. Ultimately, the six song release is enjoyable, full of talent and potential.

Starting off Look At Us Now is the uplifting, up-tempo composition titled “Look At Us Now.” The title track features remarkable blending and harmonizing within the girls’ vocals, as they narrate with confidence. Though there’s a sense of maturity, in the way the girls express how they will “spread their wings,” the youthfulness in their voices mixes maturity and innocence perfectly. With a twangy, melodic guitar and punchy, light percussion creating an enjoyable atmosphere, the title track serves as a solid way to introduce and portray The Jellybeans. Following the title track is the nearly four-minute track, “This Place I Go.” Straying from the previously introduced uplifting composition, “This Place I Go” features a hint of heaviness, gearing more towards the group’s maturity. Instead of solely showcasing the group’s remarkable manners of harmonizing, “This Place I Go” features a greater generation of solos. With a light drum groove supporting the ballad, “This Place I Go” is simply a tranquil, aurally-pleasing addition to Look At Us Now. The song is a shift in dynamic for The Jellybeans, but serves purposefully as a demonstration of maturity and progression.

The Jellybeans snap back into upbeat creations with the successor track, “Forever Alone.” Formulating more of an ominous, darker tone, “Forever Alone” serves to resonate with the younger audience experiencing similar emotions as The Jellybeans’ members. With a shuffling percussion groove, the composition grooves along in an up-tempo pace, but the groove doesn’t halt any semblance of ominous tones. The narrators appear frustrated over not having boyfriends at such young ages, the darker tone carrying and resonating thoroughly through the girls’ guidance, heavier vocals and ominous instrumentation.

As for a standout track that showcases The Jellybeans’ ability and diversity, “If He Only Knew” demands attention. Highlighted by the staggering instrumentation, “If He Only Knew” isn’t the typical production from a girl group. As so, the composition features elements unlike most of those for The Jellybeans. The rocking standout track doesn’t command for all attention to be on The Jellybeans, but does display with its driving rock anthem elements that the girls do possess the power to control such an upbeat, rock composition. With masterful percussion fills and catchy, sharp guitar strumming leading the way, The Jellybeans deliver with “If He Only Knew.”

Concluding the six song album is “How Do I Walk Away Now?” More of an emotionally-heavy composition, “How Do I Walk Away Now?” embodies The Jellybeans’ journey. Dedicated to the Our Lady of Mercy graduated class, “How Do I Walk Away Now?” ensures listeners of an emotionally-heavy, thought-provoking conclusion. Only a simple, light drum accompanies the girls’, once again, strikingly remarkable harmonies, along with the occasional joining of guitar strumming and keyboard performing. In them reluctantly departing from the school they’ve attended for years, The Jellybeans face such with fortitude. Though their departure is inevitable and friends will migrate to different schools, as shown through the song’s lyrics. As the concluding composition, “How Do I Walk Away Now?” is a rock ballad that ensures its audience of a promising future for The Jellybeans.

Inevitably, Look At Us is an impeccable title for the release, achieving in representing the girls of The Jellybeans. Following two previous releases, Look At Us Now showcases the progression that The Jellybeans have made, along with demonstrating the progression the New Jersey girls will continue to make.

Review by: Alexa Spieler
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)