Review: Twae Left Feet, Guess Into Frank’s Reel

Twae Left Feet, Guess Into Frank’s Reel

04 Sep, 2013 Andrea Guy

“Guess Into Frank’s Reel” is a song, consisting of two songs “Guess” written by Twae Left Feet members Galen Fraser and Scott Burn and “Frank’s Reel” which is a traditional Scottish tune.


The song is spirited and well played with Guess transitioning effortlessly into “Frank’s Reel.” These songs together really demonstrate how lively Celtic music can be. The tune is infectious and the fiddle seems to taunt the listen to give a bit of traditional Celtic dancing a try.


“Guess” is a little bit slower and slightly melancholy in comparison to “Frank’s Reel.” If one were to dance to “Guess Into Frank’s Reel” they would start out with a close more intimate dance and then slowly slip into the more lively dance.


“Frank’s Reel” was one of the band’s favorite songs to perform in Scotland, and it is easy to see why. The melody is such fun, and full of energy. Galan’s fiddle playing is masterful. Listening to the fiddle makes you long for a live performance, so that you can truly experience the skill involved in playing this music. Scott plays the bodhran, an Irish frame drum, which gives the song its distinct sound.


It is difficult to believe that only these two instruments make up the beautiful sounds that you here on “Guess Into Frank’s Reel.”  The arrangement seems to be much more complex to the ear, yet it is only the fiddle and drum that bring this song to life.


This song is a wonderful introduction to Celtic music and it is a teaser for the full length album to be released later this year by Twae Left Feet to commemorate their one year anniversary as a band. That is definitely an album that any fan of Celtic music will want to put on their wish list.


Review by Andrea Guy
Rating: 5 (out of 5 stars)